346 – Enrage to Engage: How the Media Misreports our Debt Problems

04.17.2021 - By Debt Free in 30

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Are half of Canadians really just $200 away from bankruptcy? No. But that does make a compelling headline, doesn’t it? Media outlets compete for our attention – it makes them money. But clickbait headlines about Canada’s personal debt (or any subject for that matter) shouldn’t be accepted at face value. Doug Hoyes and Ted Michalos explain how and why the media “enrages to engage” and they offer practical advice to help you navigate news stories to be better informed. Tune in!   Related Links:   Hoyes Michalos Bankruptcy Study: https://www.hoyes.com/press/joe-debtor/ Ontario Consumer Insolvency Statistics: https://www.hoyes.com/press/consumer-insolvency-statistics/

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