10.20.2014 - By The Commercial Suicide Songwriting Podcast

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So we're back with what's really just EPISODE 40 PART TWO (but just pretend it's a whole new episode). We're sure you noticed that it took slightly longer than two weeks to get this episode posted, but we've both been UBER-BUSY. Sorry about that. Before we give you the skinny on the segments for this go-'round, let us first give you a bit of a "heads-up" about an upcoming MAJOR development... We've often made a point of mentioning that this show is all about YOU; our beloved listeners, and it's true. And very soon you're going to be called upon to show your support for this show in a very real, meaningful and tangible way. In the next few weeks, expect to see a short "BONUS" episode listed in our feed with details about our BIG NEWS and to learn what you can do to help make it a reality. There will even be a VIDEO featuring "Nashville" Steve Rempis and Randy Finchum in LIVING COLOR!!! Be looking for all this in the next 30 days or so. You won't have to wait another minute to enjoy all the GOOEY GOODNESS that is EP 41 though. Listen in as: We delve further into the business of MUSIC PUBLISHING, specifically talking about what we all REALLY want to know; namely, HOW DO WE GET PAID FOR OUR SONGS??? Randy tells you where to write in Nashville "after hours" (hint: it's WRITE OFF THE ROW) as well as a "teaser" about the OFF THE HOOK COMEDY SONGWRITING CONTEST/SHOW Steve goes UNDER THE MICROSCOPE to talk about the amazing classic that is THE OFFICIAL HISTORIAN ON SHIRLEY JEAN BURRELL by THE STATLER BROTHERS and then (in true "Nashville" Steve fashion) manages to totally mangle the LEGENDARY SONGWRITER SALUTE to DON REID of STATLER BROTHERS fame by losing his notes and naming EVERY Statler Brothers hit that Don Reid DIDN'T write, while simultaneously forgetting almost every one that he DID write Randy soldiers on with the WHAT THE !@#$%? segment featuring SOULJA BOY and earns himself a new theme song in the process Steve explains why NOTHING COMPARES TO PRINCE in the YOU THINK YOU KNOW segment Randy gets a spontaneous new segment to go along with his new theme song: RANDY'S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY We feature a song by Nashville veteran songster LARRY M "THE OLD CHIEF" CLARK in the LISTENER SUBMISSION segment Randy interviews JIM AYCOCK and discusses a seriously cool activity/ event that Nashville locals and visitors can participate in: THE OFF THE HOOK COMEDY SONGWRITING CONTEST/SHOW

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