EP. 44 - ALL Y'ALL!!!

02.02.2015 - By The Commercial Suicide Songwriting Podcast

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Just let me say right here and now: we have THE BEST listeners in the world (and all around it as well)! Period. And this may well be the BEST EPISODE of this show we've ever posted... in spite of (or perhaps as a result of?) the near total absence of we hosts. As promised in EP43; the first show of 2015 features none other than YOU, our beloved listeners (or at least a fair number of you). And what an episode it turned out to be! It is also our most INTERNATIONAL show ever, with guests contributing from such far-off lands as AUSTRALIA, ENGLAND, CANADA and even RHODE ISLAND! So kick back and listen as: BRENDAN SMOOTHER discusses the work of Aussie legend JOHN WILLIAMSON in A VIEW FROM DOWNUNDER JACOB HALLER goes UNDER THE MICROSCOPE and shares his song, "BLUE YODEL (T FOR T-REX)" DAN SULLIVAN shares a fascinating story about MARTY STUART and BOB DYLAN in YOU THINK YOU KNOW as well as letting us hear his own song, "LOVE MADE ME BELIEVE" STUART RAMSDEN gives us an all-new segment, TUBEWAY HARMONY featuring his own songwriting story; followed by one of his original songs, "CRAZY IN LOVE" Original CSSP "Superfan" JIMMY ANDERSON visits the OLD BARN while reviving the A SONG IS BORN segment STEVE AND RANDY will make their ONLY contribution to the show with a message recorded LIVE ON LOCATION from their tropical hiding spot WALTER SCATTOLON stops by to share the contents of THE MAILBAG in his own unique style PAULIE COCONUTS (aka PAUL MORGAN) makes his segment (but not musical) debut on the show with a second YOU THINK YOU KNOW spot featuring a SEMISONIC hit with DUAL MEANINGS And at long last, BRENDAN SMOOTHER shares the premiere of his ode to first-call responders in crisis, "PARAMEDIC SUICIDE" It's more great entertainment than you can shake a stick at (and shame on you for shaking sticks at intangibles)!

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