EP 36: Ancient Sacrifice - Gifts for the Gods

11.28.2021 - By Garner's Greek Mythology

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Welcome to Episode 36. Today we examine the difficult topic of sacrifice. The discussion of killing animals upsets many people. If you’re one of them, this may be an episode to avoid. Sacrifice was so common in the ancient world that no one thought twice about the practice. On the contrary, sacrifice was an essential means of communication between mortals and divinities. Every ceremony, every celebration, every festival and every battle included the practice. In fact, not sacrificing was unthinkable ... Narrated by mythologist and best-selling author, Patrick Garner, Garner's Greek Mythology is unlike any other Greek history series.  Here these divine beings are viewed as if they were anything but mythical... If you love this podcast, you'll also enjoy new stories about the gods in Garner's novel Homo Divinitas, now available as an audio book on Amazon.com and Audible.com.Support the showTweet me comments at @Garner_images, or email any episode suggestions to [email protected]

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