Ep140 - Andre Thomas

07.22.2019 - By True Crime All The Time

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Andre Thomas grew up in a religious household. Various members of his family described hearing voices that they believed were God. Andre began hearing voices as well. In March of 2004, Andre claims that these voices told him he had to murder his estranged wife, the son they had together, and his wife's daughter. The details are incredibly horrific. But, after he was incarcerated, Andre continued the carnage; on himself.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the life and crimes of Andre Thomas. This is a man that many believe was suffering from some very serious mental health issues. These manifested themselves early in Andre's life but he never got the treatment that he needed. Doctors would later cast doubt on whether these issues caused Andre to commit his murders or if instead, they were a result of his substance abuse. One thing is not in doubt. These were extremely graphic and tragic murders.

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