EP56: Challenging Yourself to Level Up, with Jen Hudak

07.03.2019 - By The Stokecast

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 Jen Hudak is a retired professional skier, avid mountain biker, co-founder of Escapod Trailers, and a self-proclaimed Dream Believer. Jen takes us on a journey of self realization and following your true passions. 
While training and competing to be a potential Olympian, her body, her community and her family had other plans. She kept chasing this singular goal of becoming an Olympian, and subsequently, her love of the sport and her passions in life faded (after many injuries and terrible tragedies).
Now Jen is a full-on entrepreneur mastermind and speaks with us about vulnerability and how to create and go after challenges that will actually feel good and bring you joy. 
She used the same fear management techniques and visualization skills that she developed in her ski career to get her life back on track. She took a thorough inventory of how she was living and began to close the gap on the life she wanted to live. Jen was ruthless with her time as she built the bridge from one life to the next and she cultivated empowered thoughts instead of misguided ones. 
Show notes: https://exploreinspired.com/jenhudak
Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland
Editor: Chris Plante
Presented by: Explore Inspired

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