Ep126 - Christa Helm

08.19.2019 - By True Crime All The Time Unsolved

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Christa Helm was an aspiring actress in the 1970s. Her beauty caught the eye of many men and she dated some very powerful men. She not only dated wealthy business men but she dated some of the most recognizable names in entertainment of that time.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss Christa's tragic murder that occurred in 1977. It's been rumored that Christa kept a little black book with information about her lovers and made secret sex tapes. Could it be that the information in her book was so dangerous to men of power that it got her killed? Was Christa blackmailing some of these power players with the knowledge of her secret sex tapes? Or, was she murdered by a jilted lover? There are many rumors and theories that surround this mysterious case.

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