EP75: Expeditions, Entrepreneurship, and Uncertainty with Liz Sampey & Rob Bart

11.13.2019 - By The Stokecast

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Today, adventurers Liz Sampey and Rob Bart leave on a one-way ticket to Pakistan to begin a human-powered journey across the Himalayas in winter. On bikes and a packraft, the two will travel from Pakistan to Nepal, and it's a mystery even to them exactly how long this voyage will take.
How do you develop even remote comfortability with the extreme unknowns of expedition life? And how do you design your lifestyle and career in a way that allows you to take off for an undetermined amount of time to pursue an adventure dream?
This episode explores the mindset it takes to chase both expeditions and entrepreneurship, how Liz and Rob have planned and prepared for their journey ahead, and the steps you can take to infuse a little more uncertainty into your life to achieve your own impossible.
Find the show notes at https://exploreinspired.com/liz-and-robs-himalayan-journey
Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland
Editor: Chris Plante
Presented by: Explore Inspired

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