Ep65 - Jeffrey MacDonald Pt1

06.16.2019 - By Criminology

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We are discussing Jeffrey MacDonald and the MacDonald family murder case on this episode of Criminology. This is the first part of what will likely be 2 episodes on this infamous case. Jeffrey MacDonald was a doctor in the army stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina with his wife and two young daughters. In the early morning hours of Feb 17, 1970, Jeffrey was wounded and his wife and two daughters were killed.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss this murder case that gripped the nation. MacDonald has always alleged that some hippies broke in and murdered his family. But the suspicion quickly fell onto him and he was ultimately convicted of the murders. However, the road to his conviction took a number of years since the murders occurred while he was in the service. After he got out, it was tough at first for prosecutors to try him in civilian court.

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