Ep67 - Molly Bish

06.30.2019 - By Criminology

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On June 27, 2000, Molly Bish disappeared from her lifeguard post at Comins Pond in Warren, Massachusetts. Molly's mother Magi dropped her off at work that day and was the last known person to see her alive. When people began showing up to swim that day, they found no lifeguard on duty.

Molly's disappearance turned into one of the biggest and most expensive searches in the history of Massachusetts. Molly's body was ultimately found on June 9, 2003, almost 3 years after her disappearance, in a field only about 5 miles from her home. This is a case that has haunted and frustrated people for many years.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the disappearance of Molly Bish. Molly's sister Heather agreed to come on for an extended interview with us and she provides some valuable insight into who her sister was and who might have been responsible for her death so many years ago.

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