Ep122 - Robert Levinson

07.15.2019 - By True Crime All The Time Unsolved

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Robert Levinson worked in the DEA and then the FBI for many years until his retirement. After retirement, Bob started doing freelance work which took him to Iran. And it was there, in 2007, that Bob disappeared. His family later received a proof of life video of Bob from his captors. But to this day, Bob Levinson has not been reunited with his family.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss this case that is filled with international intrigue and the revelation that Bob was actually working with the CIA when he went missing. Iran has long maintained that they have no idea of Bob's whereabouts, but have openly questioned why he was operating in their country while working for the CIA. This case has spanned three US Presidents and multiple Secretaries of State, and the United States government has so far been unable to figure out what happened to Bob.

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