Ep69 - Shawn Baur and Scott Fosnaught

07.14.2019 - By Criminology

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Shawn Baur and Scott Fosnaught were great friends who were killed on a rural road in July 2002 after attending a party. Shawn and Scott were about ready to turn sixteen. This week marks the 17-year anniversary of their deaths and the mystery has not lessened during that time.

Join Mike and Morf as they walk through this mysterious case that some have called a hit-and-run while others have deemed it much more sinister. The clues at the scene and the conditions of the bodies of both Shawn and Scott have fueled the controversy from the very start. But, it's the families that have suffered greatly over this time, not knowing exactly what happened to their children in the early morning hours of July 17, 2002. Scott's mother joined us for an interview for this episode so you'll get to hear her thoughts.

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