EP 158 — Tom Paladino: Scalar Light For Rapid Healing

10.12.2021 - By Living 4D with Paul Chek

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ith all of the energies in the world that harm us, are you interested in learning how to harness a little-known energy to promote and quicken healing?  Tom Paladino describes the phenomenon of scalar energy and how it can be used in healing modalities you never imagined in this Living 4D podcast. Learn more about Tom’s work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. For Living 4D Listeners: Sign up for a 15-day free trial at Scalar Light. Show NotesScalar energy: The fundamental energy of the universe. (12:00)The double-helix composition of scalar energy. (19:46)The GMO food problem. (26:39)A fundamental mass-less form of energy. (36:24)Nikola Tesla’s connection to scalar energy. (47:49)Was the Philadelphia Experiment a scalar energy event? (1:07:02)Extreme weather events like tornadoes may produce scalar energy events. (1:13:00)Scalar energy is not bound by time or space. (1:20:29)A connection between the placebo effect and scalar energy. (1:39:03)How Tom works with clients remotely using scalar energy. (1:43:29)Can frequencies make health problems worse? (1:55:09)ResourcesThe work of David Bohm, Nicolai Kozyrev, Viktor Grebennikov and Royal RifeDisclosure with Dr. Steven Greer on GaiaPaul’s Living 4D conversations with Dr. Ibrahim Karim and Doreya KarimTom explains how his company uses scalar energy in this video on VimeoMore resources for this episode are available on our website.  Thanks to our awesome sponsors: Paleovalley (save 15 percent on your purchase by using the code chek15 at checkout), BiOptimizers (save 10 percent on your purchase by using the code Paul10 at checkout, PLUS, for a limited time, BiOptimizers is also giving away free bottles of their best-selling products, P3OM and Masszymes, with select purchases), Cymbiotika (save 15 percent on your purchase by using the code CHEK15 at checkout), Organifi (save 20 percent on your purchase by using the code CHEK20 at checkout) and Essential Oil Wizardry (save 10 percent on your purchase by using the code living4d at checkout). As an Amazon Associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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