Episode 5

05.15.2007 - By JLG Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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This episode is a bit like a marathon... but stick with it! There is a little noise in the background and I do not know where it was coming from... I'm working on it. I know there is like a billion more of y'all listening so... feedback me! Episode 5 1. Intro... nothing big 2. Recap with a bit of my own spin on things... 3. Meredith and Derek 4. Meredith and her Parent Problem 5. Callie and George 6. The Exam 7. Pregnant People Stalking Addison 8. Addison's exit 9. CONTACT ME! ok... also this was recorded before we were confirmed that Addy's spin off is going to happen on what could be one of the greater ABC nights after Thursday's. On Wednesday we will be having the new Kristin Chenowith series and then at 9 we get private Practice. Be expecting me to have a Private Practice podcast or something in the future. I'm very excited... so I guess my last topic is going to look different now.

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