253 - Eric Leija & Fracheska Martinez on Primal Movement & Kettlebell Training Benefits

07.28.2019 - By The Mind Muscle Project

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This week the boys sit inside ONNIT HQ to interview the head superstar of the ONNIT Academy and kettlebell warrior Eric Leija. They are also joined by his partner in crime Francheska Martinez who is an animal flow instructor.

This episode covers programming and proper use of kettlebells for your training and performance as well as the routines these fitness icons use to have superior athleticism.


- Nutrition, Fasting, What's been your journey and experimentation (15:04)

- What was Eric doing before being a coach (26:13)

- People trust us and we develop that trust because we take care of them (37:44)

- Francesca: As a coach, I love small group classes, because there is a real chance to help out (39:37)

- Eric: We provide people with the fundamentals of mobility so they can flow (44:15)

- If you had the oportunity to interview someone who's still alive today, Who would that be and Why (49:35)

- Work out every morning is the key to the success of the day (52:49)

- Francesca: I have learned how to disconnect myself, particularly from the phone (55:22)

- Eric: I didn't want to be in social media... taking selfies and stuff (1:00:00)

- Francesca: Maybe fasting is not a great idea after all, specially for women (1:03:30)

Francheska - https://www.francheskamartinez.com/
Eric - https://www.ericleija.com/

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