#505 ESPN's Tattooed Music Scene Guy

04.30.2020 - By The BadChristian Podcast

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Daniel Dopp is a crossover guy, not only with music and sports, but also an indie to mainstream crossover guy. Daniel has been involved in putting out vinyl for acts like Chris Staples (twothirtyeight), Emery, The Classic Crime and the rest of the BC music family. He’s hosted house shows and promoted bands and their music since for years. Daniel moved into sports when he got an internship at ESPN in 2013, and is now on-air TV talent whose image is the bearded, tattooed, music guy who wears band shirts on every show. This conversation, also featuring Devin Shelton of Emery, is a very calibrating one that connects the small world that we all know all the way up to what is going on in the mainstream media in the pandemic and political era.   Links & Sponsors: BadChristian.com thebcclub.com Join Emeryland: emerymusic.com Are You Listening: A Streamo Show: emerymusic.com/areyoulistening Stamps.com: stamps.com code BADCHRISTIAN Marriage Supply

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