Everywhere You Look with Bob Saget & Tyler Henry

03.11.2019 - By Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin

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The fangirling is high on Whine Down this week, first with Danny Tanner himself,  Bob Saget. He tells us some legendary stories from his comedy career, the early days of Full House, and his new show Videos After Dark. We talk about using comedy as a way to cope with grief, and he opens up about the death of his sister, and his work in raising awareness for scleroderma, the disease that took her life.
And then we challenge Mike’s skepticism when Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry stops by. He explains his process for interpreting the supernatural, and tells us about something he saw in Jana that nobody else could have predicted.
Do you believe that men get colds “worse” than women do? Mike and Jana definitely disagree on this. And we hear the results of their tantric therapy session.
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