Experience 323 - Alfie & Stoneflower, The Alien Amongst Him

10.06.2020 - By Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer

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Alfie joins me to discuss his deeply personal journey into discovering Stoneflower. We travel though his story as an adopted child, suicide attempts, and the discovery of the alien named Stoneflower that is a large part of his life. In what will be the first of coming conversations, Alfie opens up in a deeply vulnerable way to discuss what his life has been like in accepting and/or discovering that he is not alone. You can reach out to Alfie at: [email protected] and follow his tiny letter at: tinyletter.com/stoneflower2021
Unfortunately the power went out where I was recording so the ending is a bit abrupt, but it seems to work out. Hope you enjoy! 
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