E19 • Experiencers Are Our Future • Exoconscious Contact • Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

04.14.2020 - By Coffee & UFOs

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As we look to taking to the stars, E.T. contactees may play a part in the evolution of all of our human based systems. Rebecca takes us to the intersection of transhumanism and exoconsciousness.https://exoconsciousness.com/[email protected] Hardcastle Wright, Ph.D., is a leading expert in cosmic consciousness and extraterrestrial contact. She is committed to building an Exoconscious Civilization co-created by humans, ETs, and multidimensional beings. Uniting to build an Exoconscious Civilization, we gain a deeper knowledge of who we are as humans and our relationship to ETs and multidimensionals. As we build, we learn. Rebecca is the Founder and Director of the international non-profit Institute for Exoconsciousness. The Institute’s mission is to advance entrepreneurial experiencers who are inventing next-era co-created technology/science, communication, education, art, and healing. For more content like this please like and subscribe on YouTube. Thank you!YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/paranormalpophttps://kgraradio.com/paranormal-now/https://www.paranormalnow.netTWITTER: https://twitter.com/Paranormal_NowINSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/paranormalnow/FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/paranormalnowradio

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