014: 5 Experts 5 Insights - Part One

12.14.2016 - By Pitching PR

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Today’s podcast is the first in a two-part series about the key learnings from professionals who have started their own agencies. I sit down with three of the five small business owners and get into what they’ve learned, the importance of these discoveries, and how others can implement these ideas.   Aly Tsourounis, the first interviewee, started Hank PR over a year ago and specializes in consumer PR. She has also worked in PR for nine years. I also speak with Erin Richard of Hype PR, which she calls a “virtual agency”; Erin employs one full time worker and relies on a team of freelance employees. Finally, I talk to Laurie Weir of Next PR, which is in its infancy, as it was started less than a year ago. Laurie worked at various agencies for fourteen years before deciding she wanted to strike out on her own. Join me as I delve into the successes and pitfalls of running your own PR agency with these engaging women.    Topics:    Making connections  Learning when to say, “No”  Having a can-do attitude  Finding your niche  Employing freelancers to build up your small business  “Proceeding with caution” when your name is on the line  Remembering to listen  Tracking your time  Finding a trustworthy accountant who understands small business  Operating with transparency  Defining your brand   This podcast is courtesy of Pitch Graphic Design, a Toronto based firm, whose goal is to provide quality graphic designs for Public Relations. If you would like to get in touch with Pitch, please fill out the contact form.   Links and Resources:   PR Couture Website  Hank PR Website  Hype PR Website  Next PR Instagram  Next PR Twitter  The East Room  Pitching PR Mainpage  Pitch Graphic Design on Instagram   Quotes:   “Connections are everything. For those of us that work in PR…it’s our bread and butter.” -Aly Tsourounis    “When you become your own business owner, you can also get bogged down in the strategic growth of your business…so it is important to remember to stay on the front lines.” -Leslie Luce    “I found it really, really beneficial to invest up front in a really good designer.” -Laurie Weir 

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