381: Facebook Groups: How to Create Community and Convert Clients with Anna Frandsen

08.08.2019 - By The BizChix Podcast: Female Entrepreneurs | Women Small Business | Biz Chix

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Facebook groups are ideal for businesses who want to create a community of people who share a common interest in your brand, products or services. When used right, you can leverage your Facebook group to market your business and convert members into loyal clients. However, only a small percentage of businesses are actually moving people from being a free participant to a paying client. So, how can you use a Facebook group to not only build a thriving community but convert leads?  On this special episode of our Social Media Summer Camp series, I’m joined by a dear former client and friend, Anna Frandsen. Anna is a business coach and mentor who has a knack for helping women entrepreneurs build a business that changes their lives. Anna is a savvy businesswoman who takes a strategic approach in everything she does. She understands the bravery and courage it takes to leave a 9-to-5 stable job to invest in your dream of breaking the corporate chains and working for yourself. The training we cover together includes everything from growing a community to turning leads into paying clients….and I reveal the one post that always gets the most engagement inside our private Facebook group, the BizChix Coop. Are you ready to start using your Facebook group as a powerful marketing tool for your business? Do you want to increase brand visibility and start converting followers into loyal clients? Let’s get ready to learn with Anna Frandsen…  On this episode, we discuss: The five steps to help you nurture and create an ongoing culture inside of your Facebook group Why it’s so important to create compelling written content and the role it plays in increasing your visibility and attracting the right audience Practical tips to help you turn your engaged audience into paying customers Join the BizChix Community Connect With Anna Frandsen Website Facebook Facebook Group Instagram Other Links Mentioned: BizChix Coop Listen to Stacking Your Team Work with Us: One Day Mastermind GrowthChix Accelerator Program ProfitChix Mastermind CEOCHIX Mastermind Strategy Session Join the BizChix Community This episode was first published at BizChix.com/381. Subscribe to our sister podcast, Stacking Your Team, on your podcast app or listen at bizchix.com/category/team/.

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