Episode #53 - Facebook Messenger Bots - Strategy #2

01.31.2018 - By Facebook Ads with a Twang

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I was so excited about this episode that I literally stayed up way late to finish recording and get it ready for you. Why? Because I love messenger bots!  Yeah, I know. It is just another thing to learn and it is not the same as getting an email address but they are really powerful and much easier than most realize! You get nearly 100% open/read rates compared to what… maybe 20% on email.  You can interact with your potential customer by asking questions and then giving them answers based on how they respond.  You can make them entertaining because if they’re on Facebook they are looking for a distraction after all. So, on this episode, I go into a strategy that is really powerful and easy to set up. Also, I have a ‘flow’ (or sequence) that I’d like to give you if you’ll just click here to message me:  https://goo.gl/crhDyh Let me know what you think!!! If you need help or have questions regarding Facebook ads then join my closed group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefunnelstrategist/

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