Facebook Sales Strategies | Episode 464

09.18.2016 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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“Amplify Your Content with Out Brain” In this episode, Kim discusses the advantages to Out Brain.  Key Takeaways!  If you’re having successful blogs and posts, but you are still limited to your network or your limited to how much you can spend on Facebook, there is an additional way that businesses are having success: by using Out Brain.  On Facebook landing pages, there is sponsored content at the bottom.  Out Brain can get your content at the bottom of other business’ landing pages. It will let you upload the link to your content, set your daily budget, and it will find locations to get your article out. This is for a very small cost.  This allows for more traffic to your content, and it is easy to do.  Resources Mentioned in this Episode Out Brain How to Launch A Campaign in Seven Day or Less! - fbsaleslaunch.com Please leave us a review on our show notes page or on iTunes at:  http://elitedigitalgroup.com/podcast/ Click here to Subscribe to Facebook Sales Strategies!

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