Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 2 REACTION! Isaiah Bradley & Young Avengers Clue! | Inside Marvel

03.26.2021 - By Inside Marvel: A Falcon and Winter Soldier Aftershow

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 2 "The Star Spangled Man" reveals Isaiah Bradley as the "Black Captain America," imprisoned by his own government and forgotten by the Avengers. Go to http://HelixSleep.com/insidemarvel for up to 200 dollars off and two free pillows. Catch us live on http://Stereo.com/NewRockstars thanks to Stereo for sponsoring this episode. Thanks to BLUECHEW for sponsoring http://go.bluechew.com/inside-marvel

Falcon and Winter Soldier's second episode explores the history of the Captain America supersoldier program, with Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley. How did this Isaiah scene contribute a major piece to a future Young Avengers team-up? In this episode of #InsideMarvel, Erik Voss and MT react to this episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to answer your biggest WTFs. Who is the Power Broker? Does Captain America John Walker have the supersoldier serum?

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