Fast German

By Speaksli

What's Fast German about?

Welcome to the Speaksli Fast German podcasts. You can also watch fun and fast-paced Speaksli animated videos on our YouTube channel ( To keep up to date on new videos and podcasts, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Speaksli was formed by an American living in Switzerland who has created an entire language learning platform based on animated videos and easy-to-understand podcasts. She has experience working in Training and Development for Dell Europe, as well as the Department of Communications at the U.S. White House. She took Managing Across Cultures at the Harvard Business School, and has conducted business in 15 countries and travelled to 45 countries. This is her 4th adventure as an expatriate, so she knows firsthand exactly what phrases and vocabulary you need to know to get settled (or just to get around) in a foreign country.

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Ep. 37: German in the News ...


#37: In Episode 2 of Fast German - In the News, we've taken key words that have appeared in the news recently and translated them into German for you. For more future episodes and other types of German lessons, please ...

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