Fast, Very Fast!

08.26.2021 - By Space Nuts

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Astronomy, Science, Space, and Stuff.Space Nuts Episode 267 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley ●The fastest orbiting asteroid ever seen…●A space launch from Australia that only cost a few hundred dollars. So how did they do it and what does it mean? Fred knows…●A new kind of telescope that will rival Hubble’s results…and it’s held aloft by a helium balloon…a very big one!●Audience feedback and questions. Fred tackles it all…Sponsor Details:This episode of space Nuts is brought to you by the good folks at NordVPN…and they have a great deal for you as a member of the Space Nuts community. Just visit for all the details. You’ll be glad you did.For more Space Nuts, supporter links, sponsor links, to visit the shop, buy a book, leave us your questions, and stream podcast episodes on-demand, visit our website at or the new site (mobile friendly).New link: New Link: to go directly to our shop.Find all our show links at New: Take the Space Nuts Listener Feedback survey. We need to know how you think the show is going. Take the 1-minute survey at - thank you.

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