#362 FBF: Words of Wisdom from an Extended Stay Hotel Developer and Multifamily Investor - with Chris Winterhalter

11.26.2021 - By Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

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Today's Flash Back Friday Episode is from Episode #71 that originally aired in May of 2015. This week we're going to speaking with multifamily investment expert and hotel entrepreneur, Chris Winterhalter. Chris is a self-taught real estate investor who has built quite the impressive resume and track record during his short time in this business. Chris started with fixing and flipping single family homes before moving onto multifamily investments. In addition to his current investments, he’s also active in a national extended stay development project and based on his financial projections the numbers look pretty darn exciting. Chris is a top-notch guy and I’m positive that you’ll enjoy our interview together. Here’s a few things you’ll learn in our interview with Chris today: How he got started as investor during one of the worst times in real estate history which was during the financial crisis of 2008 What qualities initially attracted him to multi-family apartments as a primary investment vehicle How he transitioned from doing single family fix and flips to purchasing his first 12 unit multifamily building What economic fundamentals drew him to the St Louis marketplace How we was able to build a team in the St Louis market which allowed him to still be a long distance owner Why he classifies his remaining single family rentals as pesky and wishes he didn't have them in his portfolio Learn where and how he's finding most of his deals Some of the challenges he ran up against when first stepping into the multifamily arena and how he overcame them. Why he is excited about the extended stay hotel business How he was able to get into the hotel development business without prior experience in this sector of real estate What he would change in his investment business if he could go back in time and start all over again And much more   Learn About Investment and Partnership Opportunities with Kevin and His Team  Recommended Resources:  Check out our company and our investment opportunity by visiting www.SunriseCapitalInvestors.com  Self Directed IRA Investment Opportunity – Click Here To Learn More About How You Can Invest With Us Through Your SDIRA  Accredited Investors Click Here to learn more about partnering with me and my team on Mobile Home Park deals!  Grab a free copy of my latest book “The 21 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make When Purchasing their First Mobile Home Park…and how to avoid them MobileHomeParkAcademy.com  Schedule your free 30 minute "no obligation" call directly with Kevin by clicking this link https://www.timetrade.com/book/KV2D2    

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