Fearne Cotton ON: Setting Healthy Boundaries with Love, Family, and in the Workplace

06.14.2021 - By On Purpose with Jay Shetty

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Fearne Cotton joins Jay Shetty to discuss the weight and importance of setting boundaries for yourself so you can learn to respect other people’s boundaries, why you need to change when your inner voice is telling you, and channeling negative energy into positive outcomes and changes in you and around you.   

Fearne is the author of the book, Speak Your Truth, and one of the best known and most popular broadcasters in the UK and is most recently known as the Founder of the wellbeing brand, Happy Place. Her podcast, Happy Place, has featured an array of guests such as Ellie Golding, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Russell Brand amongst others.  

What We Discuss with Fearne:
00:00 Intro
02:11 The inspiration behind the running selfie
04:41 Try and push yourself with vibrant colors
07:48 Life is everything, it’s loud and it’s quiet
10:54 Don’t ignore that consistent feeling of wanting to change yourself
14:11 Being yourself relieves the pressure to be brilliant at all time
17:03 When we’re curious, we’re always willing to learn
20:13 This social conditioning that we have to act a certain way
24:01 Speaking your truth is learning to say NO
27:52 Setting boundaries now will create healthy relationships
30:52 We need to be responsible for what we are putting out there
34:01 “I’m alright so I can be of service.” - Fearne Cotton
36:51 The pros and cons of having stop abruptly when you mind is at work
39:56 Think about how you can channel negativity into something positive
44:54 Be messy and create something that is authentically you
48:28 We have something to go with how we feel
52:44 Fearne on Fill in the Blanks
53:54 Fearne on Final Five
54:52 How good are we at accepting other people’s boundaries?

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