24 February, 2021 – Episode 813 – How to Choose Your Roach

02.27.2021 - By This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast

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Perseverance Has Landed!, Art Rocks, Underwater Glider, AI Exploration, Choose Your Roach, Magnetic Extinctions, COVID-19 Update, Cute Clones, MonkeyVision, Taxes & Democracy, Eat Your Shrooms, Seasonal Change, Moldy Memory, And Much More…
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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
Planet earth is in big trouble
Global warming induced weather patterns
The lack of sustainable solutions capable of overcoming human laziness
The end is not in sight
But it is a good sight closer than it was just a few years ago
And yes, some humans will work really hard to ensure that changes are made
To keep this planet habitable
Meanwhile… Mars
No it’s not ready to live on
But the worse it gets on earth
And the faster we need to come up with solutions to survive here
The better Mars looks…
It won’t be for everyone!
But for anyone that does go there’s one thing they will need to bring with them
This Week in Science
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Let’s start with the science news
Perseverence Has Landed!
The Ingenuity helicopter has reported in. And, the mission has begun to send back images, video, and the <a href="https://mars.nasa.gov/news/8870/nasas-mars-perseverance-rover-provide...

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