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Tonight Jordan Cline welcomes Nicole Beauchamp to the show!
Nicole is the Founder of Tri City Ghost Hunters Society of Michigan.
TCGHS is a non-profit paranormal research society that focuses on historical preservation & helping individuals in need. The team was founded in Michigan’s Tri-Cities and now investigates nationally. These well-equipped investigators are ready for any case and have had the pleasure of investigating some of the most feared locations on Earth, including Waverly Hills and Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. TCGHS, which was founded on July 16, 2009, has even investigated twice with the TAPS team from Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters”. These seasoned paranormal investigators have been featured in over 15, national and international, media sources. The team does all of their investigations completely free of charge and has the utmost respect for your privacy. All investigations remain confidential, unless otherwise stated.
During the show we discussed her group, her beliefs, and she shared with us some of the EVP that her group have captured as evidence!
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