FETIDUS Has a New Home

03.17.2013 - By James Durham Audiobooks - FETIDUS

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From the World of FETIDUS - "The Knitting Hag Tavern" - Artwork by Dede Putra

So the time has come to finally move FETIDUS to a new home -- to where it should have been right from the beginning! Where, why, how? What's going on!? What does it mean? Is it the end of the world? Is it the end of our good friend Art Blanchard? No, please! Read on, fair traveler of the Interwebs...FETIDUS is moving from its old home at FETIDUS.org -- the place where I originally released Book I -- to right here at www.jamesdurham.com. No big surprise. No worries.And of course, I'll keep the old domain name, but it will be pointing to a subdirectory here on this site: www.jamesdurham.com/fetidusSo what's going on with these changes?I've decided to take a little window of time to re-evaluate the hosting and streaming tools I've been using in the past and try moving the content to a new system, that will help me get content out to you better in the future. And oh yes, there will be more content. More on that another day.  So right now I'm really in the "beta" stage of this move... a lot more content and tweaks will be coming to this site. For now, I've just moved the 20 episodes of FETIDUS: The Damned Heir over here with their new download links. So please have patience as I take a breath and try to set up the basic plumbing and electrical conduits that will help for the next phase. And frankly, I don't even know if some of the new tools will work well for my diabolical plans, so I want to have a little extra time in case I need to reverse course before any new content starts rolling... hmmm. Don't read too far into that! Key word here is "beta!"But why? Why!?Well, my brilliant and inquisitive friend, I'll try to sum it up here:The old FETIDUS site would have required a big overhaul soon anyway, due to the way it was set up years ago.It's going to be easier (and faster!) for me update and maintain everything here on this new site, giving me more time to be creative. This will make more sense later on as my evil plans come to life.The new tools will make it easier for me to actually get content to you.The old FETIDUS site was not mobile-friendly. I want to make this one work better for how people use devices today.I want to make it easier for us to interact with each other. (Admittedly, no amount of new tools will really improve my Facebook usage, but I'll work on that!)I want to provide better content hosting/streaming (that will work better on more devices too!), so I'm trying a few new options like SoundCloud. We'll see how it goes. Better to try it now than to see it crash and burn when it really matters later on...And most of all, the time is right -- as in right now, in between things -- so I can start laying down the foundation for what's coming up. :) I'll leave it at that.Hopefully, this will all make sense in the future, but for now, have no worries about FETIDUS. More. Is. Coming. You read that right.So, since this is basically a work-in-progress beta, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd try out how the parts of the site are working and let me know if something is broken.The RSS feed has been changed! What?!One BIG change I made was to the RSS feed link itself (gasp! how dare he!). Yes, the feed link has now changed, so please double-check that you are indeed subscribed to the NEW feed! The NEW RSS feed is: feeds.jamesdurham.com/jamesdurham -- make sure your feed readers, iTunes, i-whatevers or even those old cumbersome boxes you used to call computers, are all getting the right content! Re-subscribe to make sure!Also let me know how the SoundCloud player works for you and your devices, etc... I just put FETIDUS on SoundCloud and it's really unknown how…

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