#16: Fictional Crushes

04.09.2020 - By The Snark Tank

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What was your first fictional crush? What influenced the goth girl trend of the 2000s? What was our most painful experience? What were the best movies of all time? Is Shrek 2 the best sequel ever crafted? Yes. It is. Why does Sweeny want to harm all who approach him? Would we set foot in Jurassic Park if Jeff Goldblum was guaranteed? Why was Dragon Ball Super so ... eh? Do British rappers inherently suck? Why does Gears of War 2 STILL have the best horde mode in any game ever? Has this pandemic made us all incels?
Find out on todays horrible sounding episode of The Snark Tank! Some audio issues in this episode due to a primary discord recording (mostly Sweeny) but these issues are already resolved for next time. Thanks for your support. Enjoy the shitshow.

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