#17: Film Failures

04.16.2020 - By The Snark Tank

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Can your brain understand having your heart ripped out? Is Tom Sweeny a genuine sociopath? Will teleporters kill us? What is it like going to Black People Church? Gears of War 5 is actually kinda good? Are games harder or easier to play now that we're older and smarter, yet more feeble and weak? Do dogs understand violence? Should cunnilingus have a bubblegum flavor? (jesus christ) Would you want to experience true blindness? What was the worst film? Dragon Ball Evolution? Catwoman? Or Avatar: The Last Airbender? The competition is fierce this Easter!
Sorry about literally everything you're gonna hear. 
NOTE: This episode won't have the names at the end, but the public feed will have it. Editing this was a nightmare due to discord completely fucking our audio. It's better now than last time though. Will be working to make audio as crystal clear as possible. Thanks again for your support in these trying times.

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