Finals Weekend | EUphoria | 2021 LEC Spring S7 EP12

04.07.2021 - By EUphoria Podcast

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Drakos and Caedrel discuss the results of Playoffs Round 2 and make their predictions for the Finals. Featuring interviews with Broken Blade and Elyoya.

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0:00​ Intro
0:36 Start of segment
0:58 Posh Caedrel and Southern Drakos

2:43 What happened?
6:41 Draft
8:56 Reflection

Interview w/ Broken Blade
13:15 Welcome Broken Blade
13:45 Looking back on the FNC Series
14:45 Were you surprised by the FNC draft?
17:24 Looking back on the RGE series, Game 1
19:10 Game 2
20:12 Game 3/4
23:44 What went wrong for S04 in this series?
25:19 How was this season for you?
27:27 Looking forward: Summer Split, Worlds
32:19 Stage games
34:04 Thoughts on RGE vs. G2
36:33 Your Spring winner?
37:14 Thank you Broken Blade

Interview w/ Elyoya
38:17 Welcome Elyoya
38:49 How is it to be a LEC finalist?
41:23 Beating the best LEC junglers
44:53 How can you improve further?
47:00 What is your read on RGE?
50:30 Lane phases weakpoint of MAD?
51:50 Who will win G2 vs. RGE?
52:38 How will Europe do internationally?
56:17 Final prediction
57:32 Thank you Elyoya

58:03 Start of segment
58:15 Caedrel's prediction
59:45 Most hype matchup
1:01:55 The coolest thing about our league
1:03:35 Outro

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