305: Financial Independence in Your 30s Through Just 5 Investment Properties with Brad Dantonio

11.22.2018 - By BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

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Are you interested in retiring early with real estate but don’t want to manage hundreds of properties to do so? Today’s guest has managed to travel to 54 countries in the last three years after retiring in his 30s by owning just FIVE properties.

Brad Dantonio shares exactly how he reached financial independence at such a young age by focusing on three unique skill sets (and how you can, too). In this episode, you’ll learn how Brad has created “time wealth,” how he tracks every expense he has, and how he achieved the equivalent of a four-year degree while sitting in Houston traffic!

Brad also gives us the three tips he shares with young people (including how to take your journaling to a whole new level), how he forever changed his relationship to fear, and how learning the art of delaying gratification at a young age gave him an advantage over his competition for life! Brad has a fantastic story of overcoming adversity as a young child and using his setbacks as fuel to create the system he used to retire early and live the life of his dreams. If you want to use real estate to live your best life, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

In This Episode We Cover:How Brad got into real estateHow he increased his income every year for 13 years because he was fanatical about self-developmentHow journaling impacted his lifeThe story of him selling his software to make money and using it to to buy housesHow he ended up self studying about negotiation and salesHis offensive and defensive techniques on living less and earning moreThe value of tracking expensesWhy he thinks he’s wealthier than billionaires through the concept of time wealthAnd SO much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets Meetup and EventsBiggerPockets WebinarsMy Fitness PalMy Body TutorToshlHow Does it Feel to be Rich? (Blog)BiggerPockets StoreMBA562 Guest Teacher: Brandon Turner- How to (Finally) Write a Wicked-Awesome Book in 100 Days or Less (Podcast Episode)A Simple 4-Step Process for Writing Your First Book in 100 Days (Blog)Connect with BiggerPockets PublishingSalesForceAmazonBooks Mentioned in this ShowRich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. KiyosakiLifeonaire by Steve Cook & Shaun McCloskeyPoor Charlie’s Almanack by Charles T. MungerHow to Invest in Real Estate by Joshua Dorkin, Brandon TurnerHow to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie90 Days of Intention Journal by Brandon TurnerThe Richest Man in Babylon by George S. ClasonTitan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron ChernowRobert Greene’s MasteryThe 48 Laws of Power by Robert GreeneShoe Dog by Phil KnightFire Round QuestionsHas anyone compared the returns of a stock/bond portfolio against investing remotely in real estateIf someone has the money to pay the mortgage in full, should they do it? or invest it?To MBA, or not to MBA?Would you buy a property with pending tenant evictions?Tweetable Topics:“Inspect what you expect.” (Tweet This!)“You can’t spend enough money on books.” (Tweet This!)Connect with BradBrad’s Personal WebsiteBrad’s Twitter ProfileBrad’s InstagramBrad’s Facebook Page

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