Finding Light in the Darkness - with Jake Olson

01.16.2019 - By THE ED MYLETT SHOW

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It's not the events of your life that define you, but the MEANING you attach to those events. WHATEVER YOUR SETBACKS, HARDSHIPS, EXCUSES ARE IN LIFE, THIS INTERVIEW WILL GIVE YOU A COMPLETELY NEW PERSPECTIVE. I am truly honored to bring you one of THE MOST inspiring human beings on the planet in this intimate one on one interview with Jake Olson. Imagine being told at the age of 12 that you would lose your eyesight and have to live the rest of your life in darkness. A cancer survivor and now completely blind, Jake has overcome every hardship to become a long-snapper for the @USCedu #TROJANS and a history-making play! This is one of the GREATEST sports stories of all time! His incredible achievements, relentless resiliency and ability to be THE EXAMPLE for how to MAXOUT every circumstance has lead Jake to lead and inspire people all over the world. We discuss how to OVERCOME ADVERSITY from a man that has experienced more setbacks and unfairness in the first chapter of life than many of us will experience in our entire lifetime. You will be moved! You will cry! You will learn! You will grow!

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