20: Finding Yourself in your 50's with Caroll Pattison Part 1

09.16.2020 - By Vicky Pattison: The Secret To

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This week I thought we’d do something a bit different. We are welcoming to the podcast the super glamorous, world-renowned legend that is Caroll Pattison (aka MY MAM), and we are FACE TO FACE praise the lord. She appears from time to time on the podcast and my Instagram but boy does she deserve a bit of limelight. Not only did she bring me into the world, but she’s also my best mate and talks a hell of a lot of sense. We talk childbirth, vaginas, motherhood, my northern relatives, my fear of babies, and much, much more. She’s been through some really tough times and the way she has bounced back is so inspirational which is why I’ve asked her on the podcast- I hope her story will encourage others out there to do the same. 
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