Fire and Furries, Feat. Jane Coaston

01.26.2022 - By Fever Dreams

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Is Joe Biden just as bad as Donald Trump for calling attention to voting rights? The nation’s whataboutist pundits say yes! This week, Fever Dreams dives into the beltway’s favorite new talking point. Elsewhere in D.C. this weekend, anti-vax celebrity Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suggested that he was more persecuted than teenage Holocaust victim Anne Frank because he cannot hide in an attic. (Kennedy currently has a top-selling book, so the persecution analogy falls a little flat.) Later, Jane Coaston, host of the New York Times podcast “The Argument” explains how she broaches tough conversations and forges unlikely agreements with people across the political spectrum. Finally, a hoax about separate restrooms for students who identify as “furries” has sent Michigan Republicans into a weird, anti-trans panic.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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