Fireside Chat Ep. 179 — Asian Hate: What Is True?

03.25.2021 - By Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager

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If you listen to the mainstream news media, you're led to believe that anti-Asian racism is on the rise and white supremacy is behind it. Is this reporting accurate? This week, Dennis delves into the latest "spike" in attacks on Asian-Americans and the left's habitual untruthfulness.

Dennis's column this week: The Latest Left-Wing Anti-American Lie: ‘Anti-Asian Racism’ —

0:00 Open With A Funny Story
2:04 Anti-Asian Racism: Why Lie?
4:26 Anti-Asian Racism: Look At The Details
7:10 Anti-Asian Racism: The Phony Media
16:16 COVID Irrationality With Parents
21:27 Give Up Freedom To Add Years To Life?
24:18 The Muslim Religion & Atheism
26:53 Alienating Atheists With Religion?
30:58 Fundraising Month Coming To A Close

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