Ep 639 | First Lady Jill & President Joe Biden Reveal WEIRD Fetish | Guest: Jonathan Isaac

06.02.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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As America continues to fall from the world stage as a leading country, the first lady and President Biden reveal that they adopted “fexting” as a way to resolve disputes. Why do they feel the need to share this? Reports are coming out that the Uvalde police and school district have stopped cooperating with the Texas investigation into police response. If this is true, why? As the White House covers for President Biden's gaffes, officials are now covering for Secretary Janet Yellen after she admits she was “wrong” about inflation. NBA superstar Jonathan Judah Isaac joins the podcast to discuss his book, “Why I Stand,” and the important lesson he learned in his stand for principles. As Biden's approval rating keeps falling, what happened to the most popular president EVER?
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