S3E49: First Timer, Cassi

05.21.2018 - By Faces And Aces: Las Vegas

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May 17, 2018 – I’m still taking a break from the format of the show and three excellent guests join me for fun conversation and great stories. Eric Rosenthal from Vegas Confessions chats with me about Vegas regrets, Christina (@raisinglasvegas) shares with me a few of her favorite off strip hikes, and Cassi from the Mixed Feelings podcast has a hilarious first timer story that’s filled with weed, gambling, weed, food and weed. Topics on this episode: FnA Minute iHeartGeek show / twitter: @iheartGeekShow / website: iheartgeekshow.com Jidan And Randy’s photos Regrets, I’ve Had A Few: Eric Rosenthal / twitter: @erosenthal1029 / website: vegasconfessionspod.com ZorkFest Podcasters After Dark John Colson Photography Marathon Monster: @raisinglasvegas joins me to share some of her favorite day hikes close to the strip, Mt. Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Slot Canyons near the strip, Valley of Fire and also to talk about the 360 Vegas Vacation 6 Exercise Experience First Timer Story, Cassi:  Travel Fanboy / twitter: @mixedfeelingspc / website: mixedfeelingspodcast.com

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