Episode 105: Five Finger Lakes Death Punch

08.03.2018 - By Wine for Sophisticated Homies podcast

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First and foremost: Go to www.WineAccess.com/HOMIES to received a limited time offer of 20% off all purchases thanks to this very podcast. YOU'RE WELCOME. Wine Access features hard-to-find bottlings with some big name stunners mixed in that have all been specially selected by people with X-Men like palates. DON'T BELIEVE ME? Then you're an idiot and you simply can't be helped, get out of my life. Once again that's www.WineAccess.com/HOMIES. On this historically momentous episode of Wine for Sophisticated Homies, Jason teaches you all about the Finger Lakes AVA in the state of New York, which, as you know, is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of...there's nothing you can't do. And that includes wine-making in the northern parts of the state. Slate-driven Riesling of a dry ilk? Yeah, they've got that. And I've got the facts. So let's get factual, Homies.   Also Cats, with skills.   Catskills.  

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