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What's FOAMcast - An Emergency Medicine Podcast about?

We believe in the educational merits of Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM), which includes podcasts, blogs, articles on PubMed Central, conferences streamed for free and more. As a result, we would like to inspire others to use FOAM as a springboard for deeper learning. In each episode we'll review a recent piece of cutting edge FOAM and tie it to core content and check in with the major Emergency Medicine texts, Rosenalli (Rosen's and Tintinalli). We provide a review and references as a jumping off point of sorts. Why, indeed, should we FOAM it alone?

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Jeremy Faust, Lauren Westafer

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COVID-19 Vaccine in Childre...


We review the FDA briefing document from Pfizer as well as from the CDC Advisory Council on Immunization Practices that approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in children ages 5-11. References and show notes: Thanks for listening! Lauren Westafer and ...

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