FoC 158: Discernment in Real Life: From Music Careers to Romance with Amanda Vernon

06.01.2021 - By The Fountains of Carrots Podcast

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Today on the show we’re thrilled to have Amanda Vernon as our guest. Amanda Vernon is a full-time recording artist and author who shares the joy of knowing Christ through testimony and song. She has shared her music and message across the U.S. and in six foreign countries. Amanda co-authored the memoir When God Wrecks Your Romance: Orthodox Faith, Unorthodox Story with her childhood friend, Holy Cross priest, Fr. Matt Fase, CSC. Originally from the Midwest, Amanda resides in Phoenix, AZ with her husband and their four young children.

In this episode we talked about how Amanda’s father shared his love for music with her and how that connection paved the way for her career as a musician. We also had to ask about the story behind the book she co-wrote with Fr. Matt Fase and the challenge of discerning complicated and serious things like our vocations. It was positively providential that we ended up talking about Anne of Green Gables, too, because you know how we feel about Anne Shirley!

So grab a cup of tea and enjoy this beautiful conversation!

And we’re going to be giving away a copy of Amanda’s book in our podcast Facebook group so stay tuned! When God Wrecks Your Romance, is a co-authored memoir written by a newly ordained priest and a young married mother of four children. It’s the story of two kids who fell for each other as teens, and, spoiler alert, ultimately did not end up together. It’s pretty much the opposite of a quaint and dreamy Hollywood ending. Yet, it most certainly is a happily ever after.


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