Food Sovereignty, Indigenous Rights, & the Film, Gather

06.09.2020 - By BLISTER Podcast

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Today we are talking with our friend, Sanjay Rawal, about his new film, Gather. Sanjay is a fantastic story teller and a maker of films that might seem to have a pretty specific focus, but actually have wide-ranging applicability and relevance. And this is most definitely true of his latest film, Gather, which Sanjay directed, and Renan Ozturk served as the cinematographer. Gather tells the story of the growing food sovereignty movement among Native American tribes across the U.S. — which is a historical and a current cultural development that I suspect too many of us know too little about. I promise that this film will make you re-evaluate your own relationship to food and land and a lot of other things. Gather can be found here and viewed online this Thursday, June 11th through June 20th, and you can get news about the film and future releases on social media @gatherfilm. Other podcast conversations we’ve had with Sanjay and Renan Ozturk:Sanjay Rawal, Off The Couch, ep. 2Sanjay Rawal, Off The Couch, ep. 33Renan Ozturk, Blister Podcast, ep. 70TOPICS & TIMESWhat is Gather about? (2:47)Sanjay’s other films (5:33)How did you get involved with this story? (7:22)The broader relevance of Gather (15:50)Urban farming & other food systems (23:27)How Gather is shifting perspectives (27:46)Protest & “appropriate” forms of protest (32:01)What’s your ideal outcome from this film? (42:53) See for privacy and opt-out information.

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