Great Ideas for your Preteen Ministry

By Sean Sweet, Preteen Pastor, Destiny Christian Church

What's Great Ideas for your Preteen Ministry about?

Looking for great (game, object lessons, worship, volunteer celebration, etc. etc.) ideas to take your preteen ministry to the next level? This podcast is created and curated by, a community of leading voices in preteen ministry. Our goal is simple: a short (4,5, or 6 minute) podcast a few times a week (4, 5, or 6 times) that gives you a quick, easy, free idea that you can use in your preteen ministry THIS WEEK. Have a question about preteen ministry or a unique preteen ministry idea that we can feature on our podcast? Send it to [email protected]. Want to get more great ideas right now? Come join the community of preteen leaders at

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On today's episode, Sean discusses the importance of leaders communicating expectations to preteens. Preteens ARE listening for what is expected from them, since they have limited life experience and don't know what they should expect from themselves. Great Ideas for your Preteen Ministry episodes: