#363: Fourplexes, Supply Chain, and so much more!- with Steve Olson

11.29.2021 - By Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

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Steve Olson is a real estate investment expert. Steve has been in the real estate game since 2002. He completed his first real estate deal while still in college and decided to pursue investing as a full-time career at that point. Steve is currently the Director of Sales for (FIG) aka Fourplex Investment Group, a national real estate investment group that specializes in the development and sales of large-scale Fourplex properties across many of the countries hottest markets. Quote: “The problem with land right now is that sellers know that they have something extremely valuable on their hands…so you have to be extremely confident going into these deals that you’re going to make the land work.” Highlights: 01:38 - Steve tells listeners more about how he got started in real estate. 05:15 - Steve discusses the essence behind his investing group, FIG, and how it got started. 09:55 - Steve tells listeners about the impact the pandemic had on FIG. 16:11 - Steve talks about the impact the pandemic had on inflation and prices. 19:01  - Steve provides insight into how FIG develops their projects. 23:47 -  Steve touches on the pros and cons of investing in fourplexes. 29:26 - Steve describes his most challenging deal. Guest Website: https://www.fig.us/ Recommended Resources:  Check out our company and our investment opportunity by visiting www.SunriseCapitalInvestors.com  Self Directed IRA Investment Opportunity –  Click Here To Learn More About How You Can Invest With Us Through Your SDIRA  Accredited Investors  Click Here  to learn more about partnering with me and my team on Mobile Home Park deals!  Grab a free copy of my latest book “The 21 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make When Purchasing their First Mobile Home Park…and how to avoid them MobileHomeParkAcademy.com  Schedule your free 30 minute "no obligation" call directly with Kevin by clicking this link https://www.timetrade.com/book/KV2D2  

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