Frangipani My Favourite

05.02.2019 - By Garden Clinic Digs Deeper

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I have loved frangipanis as long as I can remember. They fragrance transports me back to simple summer days at the beach collecting flowers for float bowls and smelling like sunscreen.

Welcome to a new year, Green Souls! Good news: the podcast is back from a long summer break! From my forest green heart, thank you for joining me here for another series. I'm kicking things off with my favourite flower, the fabulous Frangipani

Collecting interesting cultivars has been a passion of mine for twenty years. It was a privilege to write the book with one of my mentors and uni lecturer John Stowar and photographer Lorna Rose. We travelled extensively through Bali, Hawaii, Australia and Mexico. Call it a junket, if you will, but we travelled far and wide, trekked up volcanic craters, to collate information for our book (Frangipani by New Holland).

Today I share my growing tips for success and the tips I've picked up along the way. Sharing my thoughts on feeding, pruning, propagation, crown lifting, the best varieties to grow and touching on pest and diseases. I hope your frangipani thrives in your patch as a sacred symbol of truth and immortality.

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