Episode 194 Franz Summer 2019

09.27.2019 - By Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond

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Franz on the Water at Anchor in Croatia
This episode is an on the water recap of the summer of 2019 sail in Croatia while at anchor in Croatia.


In the introduction I  talked about having dinner with one of our listeners and Amsterdam, Jacques Ten Kate and a wather app that he finds helpful

He provided us a tutorial for the app Lamma Meteo!

Enclosed the walk through screens of app Lamma Meteo Provided by my friend Jacques Ten Kate

This is the opening screen, choose Modelli

You than go to the right pop down menu and in Modello and choose vento y mare



Than from the right pop down screen, the middle option area you choose the area you want to see



Than from the right menu the most right one you choose what you want to see, raffica is gusts, altessa onda is wave height, nuvolosita is clouds, perioda onda is wave period, swell, and vento a 10 meters,

You can than press play but that is all pretty self explanatory.

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