FSS Episode 492: “It’s All About the Follow-Up!”

10.19.2018 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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In this episode, Kim Walsh Phillips and  Kelly LeMay talks about the importance of following up. Kelly shares two great way to Retarget our audience as well as clever strategies to keep your audience Engaged before bringing them is for a sale. This is a great episode to learn more about using Facebook to increase your ROI with little to no ad spend.    Key Takeaways!   0:30 -  Kim reads reviews from listeners of the Facebook Sales Strategies podcast.  1:35 -  Kim speak with Kelly LeMay of Powerful Professionals  2:20 - Kelly shares the importance of the follow-up campaigns.  2:49 - Kelly talks 2 things -  First Retargeting 3:00 - Kelly talks about ways to do Retargeting 4:30 - Kelly talks about niche down Retargeting with webinars and continually send back to the sales page.  6:00 - Kelly talks about again how this is an important way to increase your ROI with this Facebook Followup campaign.  7:00 -  Kelly talks about a second strategy that is staying Engaged with the audience then Retargeting them to keep them engage with video ads.  8:40 - Kim shares a teaser for next week’s episode on using Facebook’s algorithms to picking for them.    Resources Mentioned in this Episode   3daysto10k.com

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